11. Chilling Dawn

Lyrics © by Henrik ‘Zar’ Larsen
Music © by Peter ‘Syrinx’ Andersen
Originally created in 1988 as an instrumental – lyrics added in 2007 (but originally written in 1987/88)

About waking up one winter morning (as originally written just after Christmas) and feeling blue. Inspired by my own mood on such a winter morning, back in 1987. Living in a provincial town with little industry, there was obviously no smog, but I did see a pair of swans pass me by, high above my head.Zar

Originally intended as an instrumental, but when searching for a name I came across an unused text “Chilling Dawn” and ended up with a melody! So now, 20 years later, an old song meets a just as old lyric – we even adapted the name for the ‘band’ 🙂Syrinx


Woke up in silence / after my nightmares
Swallowed, the screams / that lived in the darkness
Chilled to the bones / Felt nothing but weakness
Cold as the corpse / the murderer’s leaving

Opened my eyes, / all bloodshot and aching
(Felt) hardly alive / my hands were trembling
Staggered outside / (on) a pale winter’s morning
Painful to breathe / and the loneliness haunting

“For how long will you sleep?
And hide in your dreams?

How much more can you take
before you awake
to the cold light of day
This is your chilling dawn”


A couple of swans/ in flight from my city
Out of the smog / and over the chimneys
Nothing could ever / stop or divide them
Leaving the grey world’s / troubles behind them