9. The Church

Lyrics © by Henrik ‘Zar’ Larsen
Music © by Jakob Schlein, Peter ‘Syrinx’ Andersen & Niels Bødker
Originally created in 1986/87 – first performed live at Kalundborg Talentforum 1987

Partly inspired by a dream I had, this is about someone who’s suffering from visions of religious fears and doubts.Zar


Was it a dream / too scary to bear?
Closing, the grave / with you lying there?
What are you searching / with that blinded eye?
What are you playing? / I can see you try

Know you must kneel / with your head bowed down
But frightened heart / takes no deal in the song
Wait for forgiveness / from the marble sky
What are you praying? / I can hear you cry

They teach you / that carnal desires are bad
And that other religions / will drive you mad
In Heaven you’re happy / and in Hell you fry
So they talk all the time / Only God knows why


All dressed in white / Did the blood turn to wine?
Cursed by (their) hate / to the free
Now / you’re losing your mind

Your body is cold / and your lips are dry
What are they saying? / Did you really die?