8. Final Victim

Lyrics © by Henrik ‘Zar’ Larsen
Music © by Peter ‘Syrinx’ Andersen
Originally created in 1984/86 – lyrics revised/adjusted in 2005
Special guest: Jesper Brogaard – vocals

I wrote the original lyrics way back in 1984, inspired by numerous post-apocalyptic stories and films, including the Alfred Bester short story “Adam and no Eve”. Also, there was an element of satanism (this was after all the Eighties), which I completely erased from the revision in 2005.Zar


From the roads they all came / (Left) their broken cars behind
Heading for the beaches / by cover of the night
On the silent ocean / not a single boat in sight
Running from their future / They were running out of time

Women with their children / and men in uniform
from some vanquished army / but neither side had won
In the skies above the crowd / The sound was like a storm
What remained of choices (then) / and hopes for them were gone

– Chorus: –
Black beaches – unknown way
Final victim – no place to stay

(Guitar solo)

He crept out from a shelter / to the world that now was his
The sand was scorched and blackened / as far as he could see
Called out for the others / but everything was still
He was the sole survivor / An Adam with no Eve