7. The Shadow From Beyond

Lyrics © by Henrik ‘Zar’ Larsen
Music © by Peter ‘Syrinx’ Andersen & Niels Bødker
Originally created in 1987 – first performed live at Toldkammeret, Elsinore 1988
Special guest: Frank Juul Nielsen – solo parts

The title was inspired by a line in the Celtic Frost song “Dethroned Emperor”, but the song itself is about vampires and their merry ways of… unlife.Zar


A shadow from beyond / too frail to stand the sun
and life and death are all the same (to me)
The full moon in the sky / may help me for a while
but it’s a dream from where / you can’t awake
When sun is on its climb / There’s horror in my mind
I fear the light above the mound
I need a hiding place / enslaved by evil fate
If I don’t flee / my flesh will turn to dust

My face is white as snow / pale as the dead below
but then my eyes are burning red
I caught you by the smell / of lifeblood in your veins
Now here’s the kiss of death / upon your neck
You have no time to scream / or to repent your sins
No absolution / It’s too late
You won’t stay in your tomb / I know that very soon
You’ll share my destiny / You’ll share my hate

(Guitar-solo – Frank, Peter, Frank, Peter)

One night I hear a sound / while to my sleep I’m bound
An exhumation is prepared
The father from the church / has come to end the curse
He’ll pierce a wooden stake / into my heart
But as he’s taking aim / the moon is out again
Then even prayers cannot save
‘Cause from the chains of death / I am set free again
to haunt you as a shadow / from the grave

(Guitar-solo – Frank, Peter, Frank, Peter)