6. Into the Mirror

Lyrics © by Henrik ‘Zar’ Larsen
Music © by Peter ‘Syrinx’ Andersen
Originally created in 1987 – lyrics revised and expanded in 2005

Inspired by a story in the Marvel comic book series “Tomb of Dracula” about black mirrors that act as portals to other dimensions and time periods. There better be another black mirror waiting at the destination point, mind you…Zar


He was browsing around in the magical store
when he caught the reflection in a surface of black
A mirror for sale, had belonged to a witch
As soon as he saw it, he felt like possessed

“I beheld the jet black, polished mirror
and it’s mysteriously carved, heavy ebony framework
It was like something made in another world, another time
I couldn’t take my eyes off it, even if I would”

Having bought it he learned from reading some tales
(That) by the right incantation it would serve as a gate
A promise of freedom in places unknown
He would leave all his problems and never grow old

“Sure I want to escape – who won’t?
Life’s so damn dull here on this planet Earth
Wanna leave everything behind? – You bet
What do I care? No one’s gonna miss me anyway”


Words read aloud caused the mirror to smoke
He could see through its darkness – he could get through
So sure he could choose between heaven and hell
He entered the mirror, to where – who can tell…

“Be careful what you wish or dream
There’s always a catch, something overlooked, unforeseen
And burning bridges is a foolish thing to do
Maybe you want to return after all… but then you can’t… you’re stuck!”