5. Dark Eyes

Lyrics © by Henrik ‘Zar’ Larsen
Music © by Peter ‘Syrinx’ Andersen
Originally created in 1987 – first performed live at Jenny Marie Hjemmet 1987

The ballad. Most bands, even heavy metal bands, have one. About figuratively blindness and maybe something else – I’m not quite sure myself.Zar


Blind forever / walking helpless around
Oh, we are searching / for each other’s hands
Listen wildly / for a stranger’s step
Coming to lead us / from these frozen depths

– Chorus: –
Who can tell me what the world was like?
I’ve never seen it
Heard the warnings, but we didn’t mind
Some were crying
Now we’re left behind
And our eyes are dark…

I can see you / standing there in the night
Cold and bitter / with your arms across
As you’re turning / you open your eyes
Pearls of blackness / flickering in the lights



Can’t imagine / somewhere on your own
Through the darkness / you shall reach the sun
Feel the colours / as you touch my face
Catch my vision / now release your eyes
– And there’s no more dark