2. The Fall of the House of Usher

Lyrics © by Henrik ‘Zar’ Larsen
Music © by Peter ‘Syrinx’ Andersen
Created in 2006
Special guest: Frank Juul Nielsen – second solo

A faithful adaptation of the famous short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Parts of the lyrics were written back in 1988 for a now lost Gefion song of the same title, but revised and expanded for this brand new piece by Peter.Zar

One of my newest, well, at least on this album. I came up with the idea of blending hard heavy and soft accoustic, ending up with the break in 2nd verse – the rest just followed. One thing that annoys me, however, is the time I put into playing the first solo part backwards, and you can’t even hear that it is!Syrinx


I, Roderick Usher / need you, my friend
Sent you a letter / asking for help
The Ushers are ancient / (but) perish we must
Doomed is my race / we’ll soon be no more

– Chorus: –
In this mansion / can you sense the
air of sorrow?
Am I lost / to morbid visions?
Feel so mortal

Daily I’m weakened / by a disease
Just like my sister / dear Madeline
And when I join her / will we have peace?
‘coffined and buried / deep in the crypt

“The night is stormful”, my friend said. “– Read me a story, ’cause I’m haunted.” So I picked up a book containing wild tales of a knight in shiny armour, pursuing an evil dragon.

And the knight comes to the humble hut of a hermit and knocks on the door… and as I read aloud, there was a knock, somewhere in the house, and my friend paled, terrified.

As I went on, the hut became golden palace, hermit becomes dragon and the knight strikes down the dragon with his mighty mace and the dragon screams and… somewhere, from some place below us, we heard a scream.

Now, with the dragon dead, the knight reaches out for a brazen shield, the prize of his glorious quest, which falls ringing at his feet… and in the family vault of the Ushers we heard it crashing… the coffin lid.”

(Guitar solo – Peter, Frank, Frank)

Sounds turning louder / (but) not in my head
Echoes of footsteps / fill me with dread
Sister, I see you / standing in the door
Embrace me; we’re falling / dead to the floor

– Chorus: –
Moon is bleeding / Storm descending
Towers crumble
Walls asunder / Thousand waters
Fall of Usher

Walls asunder…