1. Day of the Bubble Gum Bomb

Lyrics © by Henrik ‘Zar’ Larsen
Music © by Peter ‘Syrinx’ Andersen
Originally created in 1986 – first performed live at Kalundborg Talentforum 1987
Special guest: Jesper Brogaard – vocals

Pointed media satire or utter nonsense? As I recall it, “Day of the Bubble Gum Bomb” was written intentionally silly. And yet, there’s a rare sharpness to the lyrics, lacking from most of my other stuff, a sort of anger lashing out – a mood which the band in my opinion nailed down perfectly. This is also one of the few lyrics I didn’t revise for the cd.Zar

Very much inspired by Ozzy. In fact I even try to emphasize it in the solo, though I can never play like Randy Rhoads (R.I.P.) – no one can…!Syrinx


We sit and watch the screen / It’s quite a daily scene
We watch a film of war / It’s just for fun
And when the day has gone / We switch some music on
Neon burn our eyes / Proof alibis

See the rising clouds / feel the newborn sun
Disasters for sale / let’s buy some heavy ones

– Chorus: –
Trouble Dumb Bomb
Double Numb Bomb
Bubble Gum Bomb

The angels in the sky / protect us from attack
But will their heavy knives / protect our backs?
The movie’s looking good / ’cause it’s not understood
On taxes it is raised / It’s such a waste


See the nice little bomb
See the mushroom cloud
Such a fine little bomb
Aren`t we having fun?

Tomorrow and today / Review the stupid play
Destruction in a still / Behold the kill
The watchers of the world / are fed on misery
Their brains will all collapse / in TV-grasp